Technology & Sciences  are fast developing areas. Industries   are growing at a very rapid rate and use of high-tech field has thus become eminent to cope up  with  quality-consciousness of  the product as  well  as  competition,  therefore  subject-updating,  refresher-training in  various  field of  technology  is essential  and  a very  felt  need  for every teacher. The objectives  achieved at the end  of training,  planned  for development of staff are :

  1. Learning of newer technologies or upgraded skills.
  2. Updating knowledge and skills.
  3. Arrangement requiring higher level of knowledge or skill
  4. Horizontal exposure- shift of job functions for which earlier knowledge does not suffice.
  5. Industrial exposure- periodical hands-on experience.
  6. Development of managerial/administrative knowledge or skills. 


This institute also holds the training of Polytechnics staff in the field of educational  technology & computer awareness programs. Such programs are run with the help of eminent experts from industry & institutions of higher learning. The programs are conducted in-house as well as at the institute of higher learning and industry of  repute.



Proposed Training Programs for Session 2018-19 



Training Calendar 2018-19